Dental Health Science

If you have access to an animal skull containing teeth you can discuss with the children the importance of brushing and flossing. Look at the animal teeth that were not taken care of during the animals lifetime and apply this idea to people.

Take blue tempra mixed with liquid soap (making it easy to wash off) and pair the children so one paints the other’s hand. They next have to wipe clean their partner’s hand to get the paint off. They must remember to wipe in between the fingers like flossing teeth. It is interesting to see how many of the children remember to get all the paint off the hand like brushing and flossing teeth.

Take an egg carton and sprinkle the underside with baking powder to look like teeth. The children then take a toothbrush and brush the “teeth” clean. Also have them use a length of yarn to be used like dental floss. They can use this “floss” to get in between the teeth making sure they get clean.

When I teach students about clean teeth I hard boil an egg. Have the egg soak in a glass of cola the night before you discuss brushing teeth. Take a tooth brush and brush the egg. The egg will come clean and show the importance of brushing.

Place an egg in a glass filled with Coke or Pepsi. Make sure the students notice the color of the egg before it is placed into the liquid. Leave the egg for 30 minutes to an hour. Remove the egg and notice the brown color which covers the egg. Use a toothbrush and toothpaste to brush the egg back to its original color!

Red Tablets

Supplies needed: toothbrush for each child, toothpaste, red tablets from dentist office, and a mirror.

Show children the proper way to brush teeth – a larger model helps. After demonstrating the children brush their teeth. After brushing their teeth – they chew one of the red tablets. Look into the mirror – wherever they see red is the spots that they missed. Brush again to get rid of the red spots.

You will need 3 jars 3 eggs (blown out)*** 1 cup each vinegar, cola, water. (milk can be used but be sure to refrigerate!)

Put each liquid into a jar, place one egg into each. Discuss with children what they think will happen to the eggs in each cup.( the eggs are just like our teeth and the substances would affect our teeth as the affect the eggs.)

leave eggs in jars for a couple days. Let the children observe what is happening.

You can also show importance of brushing every day by trying to brush the cola egg. Some of the stains come off but not all of it.

Make a large tooth and have it laminated. Use board markers to represent stains on the tooth. Use tooth brushes to remove the stains.

i chose 3 different kinds of toothpaste, all of the children tasted them and then we graphed our favorite one by putting our names on a toothpaste tube clipart pic.

I boiled eggs in water and tea bags to hard boil them and to turn them brown. after they dried i drew (with a sharpie marker) a big smile with teeth on the egg. the children and i discussed that teeth are brown and yucky if you don’t brush and white if you do. i then gave them each an egg, a toothbrush with some toothpaste on it and told them to start brushing the teeth. the brown stains will disappear as they brush.

Soak a boiled egg in soda over night. it will stain the egg. use toothbrush and toothpaste to brush egg stain will come clean.