Dental Health Art

To simulate cleaning teeth, I cut large teeth from white Styrofoam meat trays donated by a local grocery store. Before the children arrived, I painted the teeth with yellow paint. When the paint was dry, I showed the children how to make a homemade toothpaste out of baking soda and water. The children then placed the teeth in a large baking pan and used toothbrushes to “clean” the plaque off of the teeth. They loved turning the yellow teeth into sparking clean white ones!

Using dough tinted pink, have the children form a `U’ shaped gum line. Allow then to press navy beans into dough for teeth. /allow to dry. Practice proper brushing.

February is dental health month. In our class we used dental floss to make cool paintings. The children dipped a piece of dental floss into paint and then placed it onto the paper, leaving the end of the floss sticking out. The paper was then folded in half and held that way while the floss was pulled out. The more times it is done the cooler the painting turn out. Use lots of colors too!

Teacher will cut an egg carton in half and give each child a row of six “alligator teeth”. Have the children paint the teeth white with a toothbrush. When the teeth dry and the teacher made a picture of an alligator’s head put on bulletin board.

Give the children a mouth pattern, A piece of poster board cut in the shape of the pattern and folded in half, and tiny marshmallows. Children paste the poster board pattern on the back of the mouth pattern they have. Next, they glue the marshmallows on the pattern where the teeth are. The poster board pattern is pre-folded so the mouth opens and closes. You can teach children to brush using the model they make.

To make large teeth to use to learn to brush.

cut the bottoms off the large soda bottles. Rinse. Paint the inside with white tempra paint. Let dry.

Turn over cut side down. I attached three of mine in a row to a wood board using e6000 glue. I painted the board a flesh color. Which made it look like the gum. There you have a set of molars. I used over sized large tooth brushes from the dollar store. Use shaving cream or baking soda and water to make tooth paste and let them scrub away.

I cut out giant toothbrushes from white paper. The children then painted their toothbrushes with toothbrushes in a variety of colors.