Dental Health Art

Use the tooth friendly drink, milk, as a painting medium. Add food coloring to evaporated or sweetened condensed milk paint on paper with paint brushes. They dry with a shine, just like healthy teeth. Color concepts can be integrated by having the children help mix the food coloring to make different colors.

Make a tooth necklace. Children form a tooth shape out of salt dough with the teacher’s help. Poke a hole at the top to string. Let harden. Spray with glitter spray.

Trace a tooth shape (one for each student) onto a manila file folder. Have the students use an old toothbrush to brush the tooth white dipping the tooth brush in white paint.

Draw a picture of teeth . run off on yellow construction paper. let children paint with toothbrushes and white paint to clean teeth.

The teacher can cut out one big tooth shape on tag board or white construction paper. We place it on the easel or you can do it on a table. The children use toothbrushes to paint the tooth shape. The children love it !!!

Cover the tables with paper. Have tooth shapes cut out for the children. They string paint the tooth with a variety of colors. (Use dental floss instead of string.)