Day and Night Snacks

This is easy. Show your class the classic moon pie snack and then use chocolate covered graham crackers and large marshmallows to make your own, only yours will not be round. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Older children could spread chocolate frosting on regular graham crackers with large marshmallows. This can also be used as a s’mores snack for an outdoor unit.

Goodnight Bear:

You will need: one-half slice of white bread for each child, one slice of wheat bread for each child, a piece of cheese for each child, and a teddy bear shaped cookie cutter.

First, place the piece of wheat bread on a paper plate. This will become the bed. Cut a teddy bear from the cheese with the cookie cutter. Place this on top on the wheat bread. next, take the 1/2 piece of white bread and place on top of the teddy bear to make a blanket. Enjoy!

Sunshine Snack:

Place a peach half, cut side down on top of a cottage cheese cloud.

Sky Shapes:

Use star, moon and circle shaped (sun) cookie cutters to cut out bread and cheese slices. Give each child one piece of bread and one piece of cheese in each shape. Have them match the correct cheese slices to their bread pieces