Day and Night Science

Materials: 4 reseal-able plastic bags water white, orange, and black construction paper aluminum foil thermometer paper and pen

Procedure: Fill the bags with water, and seal tightly. Leave the bags outside where they can be left undisturbed, for about an hour. Wrap one bag in a sheet of white paper, one in orange, and one in black. Wrap the 4th bag in aluminum foil. Discuss how the sun’s energy heats water, and have the children make predictions. When the time is up, check the temperatures using the thermometer and discuss the outcomes.

Fade Art Pace several common objects, such as a fork or cup on a piece of construction paper and place them in direct sunlight. Leave them for a few hours. When you return permanent shadows will be on the paper. The sun causes the paper to fade.

Light and Dark:

Buy some seedling plants. Place some in a sunny window and others in a dark closet. Keep watered, check every several days and discuss findings.

Measure children’s shadows standing in the same place at different times of day.