Day and Night Art

Here is an idea for day/night art area:

On white paper draw stars with white crayon pressing very hard. Have children watercolor paint with black or dark blue over the whole paper to reveal the stars transforming it from day to night

Nightmare In My Closet: Start by reading the book. Put a dab of white paint in center of black paper and fold. Have children explain the “nightmare” they have just created. Open-ended art project that includes language development.

Get some glow in the dark paint and let them paint with with on black paper. These look really cool in the dark.

Paper Plate suns:

You will need: paper plates, yellow paint, and yellow construction paper triangles.

Let children finger paint the paper plate yellow. When dry, let them glue the triangles around the plate to create a sun.

During this unit we sew pillows out of soft material. The children decorate them with permanent markers, then stuff them. Lots of fun to have finished for our pj day.