Dance in the Rain


Twelve years ago, I was well on my way to teaching early childhood education full-time in a college or university setting. Then…the storm came.

I started to be short of breath all the time. My legs swelled so much that my skin cracked and water leaked out. Over the period of three months, I went to several different cardiologists and left without any answers.

The fourth cardiologist I saw ordered an immediate echocardiogram. Halfway through the test, the tech stopped and called the doctor in. They both lost all the color in their faces and rushed out of the room. Needless to say, that was not a good sign.

The next thing I knew, the doctor told me that I was to go directly to the hospital. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200.00.

At the hospital, I was rushed into an operating room for an emergency angiogram. The next thing I remember is the doctor telling my family that my heart was only working at 10% capacity. He had inserted a temporary device to pump my heart. Finally, without a heart transplant, I probably would not make it six months. I was only 40 years old.

This 52-year-old has defied all the odds. I still have my original ticker. It now works at 25-30% capacity. I’m now on my third pacemaker that I fondly refer to as Princess Constance Tub-a-thump.

Though my dreams of teaching at a college or university didn’t happen, I learned how to dance in the rain. The workshops I offer and The Perpetual Preschool are my passion. I don’t feel cheated. I feel honored that I was given the opportunity to pursue a new dream.

Maybe you are going through a storm right now. I challenge you to find a way to dance in the rain!