Corn Games

I found this while surfing for new games recently, and my preschoolers loved playing it during our “down on the farm” day.

Farmers and Crows

materials: bean bags, kids

Divide children into 2 or more teams, with even numbers if possible. On each team, assign players the role of farmer or crow, alternating in line ( farmer, crow, farmer, crow…). The farmer must plant his corn (bean bags) along the way from start to finish, then run back. In turn, a crow hops over the corn to the finish, turns back, and retrieves all the corn. The corn is handed to the next farmer in line, who continues the game. When finished, have the farmers and crows switch roles.

Bowls of cornstarch, cornmeal, corn kernels and popcorn are put out. Transparent plastic cups and some spoons are also put out. Pieces of paper with circles in four columns and some crayons. The children count how many spoonfuls it takes to fill the cups with the different types of corn. They can color in a circle each time they pour a spoonful of something into the cups. They have then made their own graphs.