Cookie Games

Cookie Games

Cookie Games

Quick and easy games for preschoolers through second grade.  Lots of sweet and delicious fun while learning through gameplay.  

Super Easy Flannel Board Patterning

This is one of my favorite cookie games.

Cut 5-6 large light brown circles from felt.

Cut toppings from felt.  Ideas would be many tiny multi-colored snips of felt for candy sprinkles, white circles to fit atop as frosting, chocolate chips, etc.

Ask children visiting the math center to take turns creating patterns using the cookies on the felt board and the various ingredients supplied.

Kids will be having so much fun decorating, they will have no idea they are learning!

One of my favorite cookie games is a form of bingo; cut round shapes from brown construction paper. Make a grid with numbers, letters, shapes or colors in the grid lines. Kids use chocolate chips to cover the areas being “called” by the teacher. When they get 5 in a row have them say cookie instead of bingo!

Feed the Monster.  Make a large cut out of a Monster.  Cut out his mouth area. Blindfold children and give them cookie cut outs. Tell them to aim for his mouth.  Lots of fun.

Outline cookie cutters in a file folder. Make matching outlines on poster board and cut out. Decorate to look like real cookies. Have children match the cookies to their respective outlines.

Make poster board cookies and program with letters of the alphabet, making sure to have mostly letter Cc cookies. Have the children take turns picking out a cookie with the letter Cc and put in a cookie jar.

Make a lotto game, using cookie cutters. Outline the cookie cutters on individual lotto boards. Make round markers out of poster board and decorate to look like cookies. First to fill up row wins.

Make a pin the chocolate chip on the cookie game.

Play “Cookie, Cookie, who’s got the cookie?” or make a poster board cookie and hide it while the children have their eyes covered. Have them look for it. Whoever finds it gets to hide it next.

Cookie Games