Construction Songs

Just like the song “So Early in the Morning”. This is the way we hammer the nails, hammer the nails, hammer the nails, this is the way we hammer the nails so early in the morning. Use hand motions like you are hammering a nail. Try others like: saw the wood; turn the screw; stir the paint; paint the walls; stack the bricks; and drive the truck. Ask the children for more ideas of what else is done on construction sites.

Johnny Had One Hammer (song with motions) you have to be sitting down to do this song

While singing this verse make an up and down motion with one hand in a fist as if pounding a nail:

Johnny had one hammer, one hammer, one hammer, Johnny had one hammer then he had 2.

(Make same motion using both fists while singing this verse:)

Johnny had 2 hammers, 2 hammers, 2 hammers, Johnny had 2 hammers then he had 3.

(Continue with 3 hammers using both fists and one leg.)

Then 4 hammers using both fists and both legs.

For 5 hammers use both fists, both legs and head and sing:

Johnny had 5 hammers, 5 hammers, 5 hammers, Johnny had 5 hammers, then he went to sleep. (make a sleep motion as if laying your head on a pillow)