Community Helpers Games

Fire, Fire

Make a flame of red and yellow out of construction paper and staple to a headband that will fit your class. Explain that it’s like playing tag, but if you are tagged by the person who is it (the one with the fire hat on) you must stop, drop and roll to put out the fire. I change children to be it about every two minutes. This is a great game to remind children an important rule in fire safety.

Find my child officer

this is a great circle time game. One child is chosen to be the police officer. He must go around the corner for a moment so he cant see the group. You then pick a child to be “lost” they all remain sitting .I play the part of the parent or another child can. the parent calls out to the police “help my child is lost” the officer comes back and says what does he look like? the parent then describes the child and the officer must figure out who it is. I make sure everyone gets a turn by having the lost child be the officer next and so on till everyone has had a turn.

I like to play this version of musical loops when talking about firefighters. Place many hoops on the floor and Play the song Hurry Hurry drive the fire truck. when you stops the music the children must run and stoop the fires out in the loops. As the game continues remove the loops and tell the children that the fire is out, but they must help the others to put out the other fires remaining (sharing the loops). Continue playing until all the fires are out (the loops are gone)

Sorting game. Cut out shapes from colored paper and then laminate. Tape a different one on the front of small paper sacks. I used four so they wouldn’t get too confused. Tape the sacks on the doors or wall, but keep them in the same room. Give each child a sack full of the shapes and tell them they are mail carriers and the sacks hanging up are the mail boxes have them walk around and deliver their mail. The kids really liked this game. we are going to try it with letters and numbers next. Try cutting the flap off of envelopes, so they can’t lick them shut, then have them put a shape on the front of each envelope, let them stuff them before they deliver their mail.

Mailman, Mailman where’s the mail?

This is a fun game that my 4 and 5 yr olds love. Get an envelope and write on it to make it look like a letter. Choose one child to be the mailman..he or she must figure out which child has the “mail”. The mailman must face away from the others and close his eyes while you hand off the mail. Line the children against the wall and quietly give the envelope to one child who must hide it behind his back. All of the children must keep their hands behind their back as well. The children say “mailman mailman where’s the mail?” The mailman turns around ands gets three chances to pick which child is hiding the mail.

When talking about the dentist, we make two large white teeth. We cut or tear pictures out of magazines, newspapers, etc. of good and “bad ” food. On one tooth we glue all the good food on it then the other tooth gets all the bad food glued on it that will cause cavities.