Community Helper Snacks

We call our Community helpers our Community “heroes,” so for cooking, we make heroes! (sandwiches)

Edible “Bob the Builder” House

Supplies per child: 1 1/2 slices of bread, 1 T. jam or cheese spread, 2 Saltine crackers, 1/4 of a rectangle graham cracker.

Provide each child with one slice of bread and a another piece sliced diagonally. Have them put the whole slice on a plate and the diagonal slice on top to represent the roof (wide side down). Put a tablespoon of jam or cheese spread on the bread as the “paint” and have the child spread it on the house. Give them two Saltine crackers to place on each upper side of the whole bread slice (windows) and the quarter piece of graham cracker (door) between the Saltine crackers.

This is a good fine motor activity as well as helping children to recognize a square, triangle, and rectangle shape. Then, they can enjoy eating the house!

When studying careers, I provided my class with bread, cookie cutters, peanut butter and jelly. They cut out their shapes and then spread on the peanut butter and jelly. They all loved eating their shapes and making their own sandwiches! I told them that they were all chefs.

After a lesson about the post office and postal workers, I made a special delivery snack for my children. With cake decorating gel, on a whole graham cracker, I make mail for each child. In the upper right hand corner, I make a small square (representing the stamp). In the middle I write each child’s name. I then place all the crackers in the middle of a table, and let each child come up and try to find their “mail”. It’s a great activity for name recognition.

Fire truck Sandwiches. Toast on slice of bread for each student. Cut bread in half. Cut on of the halves in half again to make two squares. now you have one rectangle piece and 2 square pieces. Use the rectangular slice for the body of the truck, add one square piece to the front of the truck and add the other square piece to the top of the rectangle piece to make the trucks “cab”. Add red food coloring to some softened cream cheese and spread onto fire truck. Use pretzel sticks to make a ladder and Ritz crackers for the wheels. You can even add a red jelly bean on top for the light.

Traffic Light Cookies:
sugar cookie dough
egg whites
food coloring (red, yellow, and green)

Roll out the cookie dough and cut into rectangles. Have prepared three small bowls of “paints” to paint on the cookies. To make the paint mix egg whites with a drop of food coloring. You will need three bowls to make one for red. yellow, and green. Paint the traffic lights onto the rectange cookie with clean paintbrushes. You may make small indentations with your thumb to allow the paints space. The children enjoy painting the red, yellow, and green lights and they do look real. Bake according to the recipe and enjoy.

This recipe comes from a Card file activity box. Unfortunately I do not have the name.

Children in my classroom pretended to be baker’s and we baked our own bread to eat!