Community Helper Art Ideas

We save tissue box’s (long type) to make like a mailbox with the slit on top. Then we paint them, we write our house address numbers on the side’s. Each child gets envelope’s and paper and they all write each other notes and address the envelope’s. Then they take turns playing mailman, delivering the mail into each mailbox (tissue box.) You can also make a mailman hat from construction paper.

Draw around a child’s body and the let the children have plaster (band aids) and gauze and bandages to add to the body. Great for discussion on accidents!!

We used a pre-cut chef’s hat on Bristol board. We let the children finger-paint with whipped cream on the hat and let them add real sprinkles to it when they were done. They dry nicely and look yummy!

Make a community helper collage. Let the children look through magazines, newspapers, etc… and pick out community helpers. When they finish their collage, have them dictate a sentence about what type of community helper they would like to be.

I take a large white piece of construction paper and cut out a large band-aid shape. I get two from a large sheet. Glue a piece of white paper towel in the center to resemble a band-aid. I then give this shape to the children, along with real band-aids. ( you can purchase design band-aids too) The children use their small muscle control to unwrap the band-aid and then peel and stick it to the large band-aid shape. They can use as many as they are able to peel and stick.

For “Community Helper” week, our children made personalized Doctor Bags. Using black construction paper, teachers precut a doctor bag shape (older children cut their own bag). Children were then given various first aid items; example: band-aid, gauze, cotton, Q-tips, and hole punch circles that represented “pills.” Children glued on the items. Each child’s name was written on their bag using a silver pen (Johnny Brown, MD). Some children even drew “shots” on their bags, Cute!