Community Helper Art Ideas

Cut a tooth pattern out of white sturdy paper. Allow the children to “brush their teeth” with toothpaste and real toothbrushes ( I get mine from the dollar store).

For our police week, we line the children up against the wall, which has a big piece of newsprint paper taped to it. Then we trace the outlines of their bodies for our “line-up.” Then they can decorate their own outlines any way they choose with whatever materials you provide.

For an art activity relating to the dentist I have cut out a tooth shape from a piece of paper and the done string painting using dental floss.

Or cut a tooth shape out of yellow paper and painted them using white paint and toothbrushes.

To use with Doctor/Nurses: Make a doctor collage. Use construction paper or cut out a medical bag shape. Have students glue items such as cotton balls, tongue depressors, cotton swabs, band-aids, gauze, etc. on their papers. Ta da! Your own medical supplies.