Community Helper Art Ideas

The carpenters hammer goes rap, rap, rap and the saw goes see saw see. He planes and he measures and he hammers and he saws to build a school for me.

Hurry, hurry, drive the fire truck, hurry, hurry, drive the fire truck, hurry, hurry, drive the fire truck, ERRRRRRRR!

Hurry, hurry, ring the bell…Ding ding ding ding ding

Climb the ladder,…climb, climb….

Use your ax…chop, chop….

Use your hose….SHHHHH……

Fire’s all Gone!

Doctors/Nurses art

Trace a child’s hand and part of arm on a piece of white paper. Allow child to color, then provide an assortment of band aids to apply on said appendages. I usually get some really cute stories to go with the pictures that I print on the bottom of the page.

For a chef idea we used white poster board and tissue paper to make chef hats and white construction paper to make aprons with string. The kids love to dress up like little chefs and pretend to prepare a meal.

When studying about postal workers, we made mail bags using 2 pieces of construction paper. Punch holes around the edges and let children lace them with yarn. Cut the yarn long enough to have some left to make a shoulder strap. I wrote US Mail on one side and “Zachary’s” Mail Bag on the other. My students made deliveries to my aide and me all day long.

To make a chef puppet, use brown paper lunch sacks, wiggle eyes, and white construction paper for the hat, apron, and hands. (The teacher can make a pattern of the hat, apron and hands for future reference).

For your police day, have the students make a “nightstick” out of a paper towel tube. The students simply paint it black. You could also make a police badge by cutting out a tagboard badge shape and then covering the pattern with aluminum foil.

Postal Collage:

Collect cancelled postage stamps, use envelopes (I get old pre-addressed ones from the office) and let the children decorate the envelope with the postage stamps and cancellation/date stamps.