Columbus Day

My students just loved learning about Columbus day.  I did the cute rhyme “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”  There was a picture of Columbus on the internet.  We talked about the three ships and how the people thought the earth was flat.  We looked at spheres and circles around the room.

We always do this in October, and we use the letter C as our theme.  I let the children look at the globe, and trace the path that Christopher Columbus took.  Then, we talk about what they thought it would be like to find a new land, and how they would live (with no stores or houses, etc.)  We talk about the Indians and how they helped Columbus, and we also talk about round and flat.  We make three boats and sail them on a round object and then on a flat object to see what would happen.  We talk about corn and how the Indians help the settlers learn to plant crops.  We make corn muffins out of jiffy corn mix and pretend to be settling in new land.