Color Snacks

When working with colors and we get to the color green I get blue Jell-O and yellow Jell-O. After it’s set up I take a small zip lock bag and put a few scoops of yellow on one side and a few scoops of blue on the other. I then give each of the kids a bag and ask them what they think will happen when they squish it together. After they guess, they squish it and once it’s mixed to green, I cut the corner off the bag and let them squeeze it into their mouth.

Warning: this can be very messy but fun.

I usually take one week to stress a particular color. Friday is our food/cooking day. I have used tinted cream cheese (the children love spreading this on crackers or toast), tinted Cool Whip, marshmallows (you can use toothpicks to build figures), Kool-Aid, and Jell-O. I am still looking for other things we can tint.

I have made rainbow’s in cup for the colors theme. Purchase the clear plastic cups. Make all six colors of Jell-O: cherry, orange, lemon, lime, berry blue, and grape. After the Jell-O has set spoon one spoonful of each flavor into clear cup. Top with a garnish of whip cream as a cloud and viola you have a rainbow to eat. I also have a prism on hand to demonstrate the color spectrum in a rainbow. The kids can’t wait to tell their parents they ate a rainbow and the parents are impressed to hear their explanations about prisms and

Green Bean Marzine: mix canned o fresh green beans with marzines and 1 tsp. honey, serve spread on whole wheat toast (best) or bread if toaster not available.

We did a unit on The Colors of the Rainbow. For part of our cooking lesson each day we made Jell-O. On the first day, we made red Jell-O and each child poured some Jell-O liquid in a clear, plastic cup. The next day, we added orange and every day, we just added the next color of the rainbow. Finally, on Friday we were able to eat our yummy, Jell-O rainbow. White whipped cream tasted great on top!