Color Games

To practice learning colors, I made a huge rainbow about five feet long and painted on purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red stripes. I put it on the floor in our play area and laid out buttons, stickers, small scraps of paper, and pipe cleaners of every color in bowls. Each child got a bowl and they had to match their colored objects with the colors on the rainbow. It was a very good activity for the three and four olds.

For playing red light green light, I cut out 2 circles about 12″ in diameter, one red and one green. I laminated them and then punched 2 holes on the top of each circle. I then tied them together using yarn like a “sandwich board”. The child who is “it” wears the red and green circles, with the red circle on front, the green on back. It’s a good visual reminder for the game and works on colors too.

This is a game we play with our preschoolers: Colors, Give me Colors! We just chant the title and point to something of one color and have the children tell us what color it is. They love it.

This is a fun game to help kids learn colors and shapes. Draw and color shapes on paper plates. Put the plates in a circle with the kids on the outside, have one child stand in the middle and point to one as you call it out or walk over to it . Let the other kids participate by taking turns going in the circle calling out one. The school age kids even like this game. For them you name each one real fast and see how fast they can point to it. This works with numbers and letters also, just don’t use too many plates at a time.

At circle time I have a bag with different shaped items from around the room. Each child gets a turn to pull something out and try and guess what shape it is, this helps them realize shapes are in the environment and not just flat pieces of paper. Also you can start with an empty bag and ask them to go look around the room and find something shaped like a circle, etc. You can then put everything in the bag, close it and see if they can recall what their friends put in. have them take the items back to the correct area in the classroom when they are done.

During Circle when I do my colors unit I ask my children to find something of the color in our room. This is really simple but they like searching and then bringing it back to Circle to share.