Color Art

Another Karo syrup idea for colors:):)–Pour a small puddle of syrup in a plastic plate—on each corner add a drop of red then blue-then yellow food color–have child tilt plate and let the three colors run together–they will actually be able to watch the colors blend in together to form orange, green, and purple—it is like magic to them—expand this and use the syrup to paint with-using Q-tips–the “paint” dries very glossy but very sticky—the kids love this project and will continue to ask for it over the next couple of weeks.

Take a coffee can, cut white paper to fit the container, Next, place two different colors of tempera paint on the paper, one on each side. Then put marbles in the container and place the lid on the can, let the children shake the can, remove the lid and take the paper out, the children will see a great design and also see what color they come up with when they are mixed. Then hang the paintings on the wall. Each child will see how different their paintings are.

A great way to teach any color is to use tinted shaving cream. My Pre-k class loved drawing and writing in it.

Make a wonderful rainbow. Use a large piece of poster board. Add paint to your glue to have the children match Fruit Loops cereal. You paint the rainbow using the colored glue. The children sort and match the cereal to the correct color to make the rainbow. You won’t believe how much fun this is and the final project is beautiful.

Colored Salt This project is nice to do when doing Mother’s Day sand art. It’s cheaper and much more fun. All you need is salt, giant sidewalk chalk, and either clean Styrofoam meat trays, or paper plates. The meat trays provide more friction, but I’ve even done this project in paper bowls! Each child will get their own color chalk and some salt in their container. The children will have a blast rubbing the salt until it turns the same color as the chalk. This colored salt resembles sand and can be used to fill baby food jars, layer by layer to make a beautiful design. You can also make cool pictures when glued to black paper. Sort of like those pastel milky pens on black paper, because sidewalk chalk is usually pastel.

Hang a large white sheet upon the fence and give each child a spray bottle with different colors of water in them. Let the children spray the sheet until it is completely soaked. Let dry and use as a table cloth. Works great for color week or St. Patty’s day!

Want a fun way to recycle old markers? take them outside to color the snow with. Works good and nothing goes to waste.

This activity is awesome for preschoolers! The activity is Tongue painting. You will need small paper plates, variety of food coloring and kayro syrup. Take a drop of kayro syrup and put in on the paper plate. Then let the children decide which color of food coloring they want to use first. Only one drop of food coloring is necessary. Swirl your tongue in the food coloring and kayro syrup. They can mix the colors together and see what kind of creation comes out. You will probably have to do this over and over again to reassure the children that it is harmless. Ask the children what it tastes like. It will be fun to see what their responses are. Remind them that it is a food substance and they absolutely have a ball with this one! Note: Have a few hand held mirrors handy so the children can see the colors of their tongues! HAVE FUN!!

Simple Color Sponge Painting- Sponge paint with one color. Label the paper “Things that are (color)” and label each sponge paint print. For example, we used shaped sponges to make Things That are Green. We printed a tree and used a heart sponge to make a shamrock.

Colorful Bubble Painting! Pour a small amount of bubble solution into several cups. Add 4-5 drops of food coloring to each cup (you need a good amount of coloring in the solution). Dip bubble wands into the colorful solutions and blow bubbles onto plain white paper. Allow the bubbles to settle and burst on their own. When dry, you will have beautiful note paper!

To teach colors such as pink, fill a Ziploc baggie with shaving cream and then add a few drops of red food coloring. Make sure the baggie is closed tight and let the kids squeeze and play with the baggie until the color is all mixed. Cut a hole in one corner and squeeze out the now pink shaving cream onto desk or table. Let students spread it out and play. They can spell out the color word in the mixture or draw shapes you are learning. We do this when our desks need cleaning. Makes the room smell great!

Take small pieces of cut up colored tissue paper. Then use liquid starch to moisten a large paper plate or white paper. Then put the pieces of tissue paper on the plate and put another coat of liquid starch on the top of the tissue. You can find the liquid starch in the laundry isle.