Clouds Curriculum

Blow up four balloons and tape them together at the tied end. Let the children dip newspaper in flour and water and paper mache’ the balloons. Let dry and let them paint it white add some raindrops or a rainbow and hang from the ceiling. Hang some flowers under it on the wall and you have April showers bring May flowers.. (of course, have the children make the flowers too.)

Rain clouds: you will need to cut out a shape of a cloud, cut out some blue rain drops, and will need various colors of crepe paper cut into strips for a rainbow for each child. The children glue the rain drops onto their cloud (you can have them color the cloud if you wish). Turn the cloud over and let them place the strips of crepe paper on the back (I usually let them put them where ever they want to, then tape them in place) the strips should hang down under the cloud to become their rainbows. It’s a great time to talk about colors also.

Have the children make clouds by using bubble wrap. They can dip the bubble wrap into white paint and “paint” on blue construction paper. This is another way to introduce paint-very developmentally appropriate and the picture looks like clouds in the sky.

Have toddlers glue different colors of blue tissue paper to cloud shapes to make fluffy clouds.