Clothespin Songs

Laundry Song (tune of ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’)

Old MacDonald did the laundry eieio
And in his basket he had a shirt eieie
With a wash, wash here And a wash, wash there
Here a wash, there a wash Everywhere a wash wash
Old MacDonald did the laundry eieio
(Continue the song with other articles of clothing; bring in a laundry basket with the articles and hold them up as you sing the song)

Clothespin song. “Snap, Snap, Snap” (This Old Man tune)
Snap, snap, snap. One, two, three.
We can all snap, look and see.
With a great big snap and little snaps too.
Watch us snap this song for you.

Have them sing the song with you in circle while they practice opening and closing their clothespins.