Clothespin Games

Clothes pin toss:

Get some old fashioned clothes pins and have the kids paint them bright carnival colors. Then get a large coffee can and decorate it with construction paper, markers, stickers or whatever. To start the game the kids stand over the coffee can and see how many clothes pins they can drop in. Have them take a step backward every time they make it in and see how far they can go backward before they can’t get one thrown in. Another variation is to have them kneel then stand on a chair to see how high they can get before it doesn’t go in the can. Cheap and easy fun. Good for hand eye coordination too!!

Clothespin fun! I use coffee can work during workstation time in class. Use masking tape to label the sides of a coffee can around the top edge (numbers, letters, colors, dots to correspond to numbers) and label the clothespins accordingly (numbers, letters-big and little, paint them colors, etc.). The child can clip the clothespins to the matching label around the edge of the can. When done, all the clothespins fit in the can for easy storage!

Clothespin number matching. small paper plates 2 packs of colored clothespins (Wal-Mart) colored dots colored markers to match dots/clothespins quart size baggies Each student packet gets one baggie with three small paper plates in it and 6 coordinating clothespins. Each plate has numbers 1-6 (using fronts and backs) with coordinating number of dots (around the edges) and the number and number word written on it in the center. Do this in small group or large group. Practice doing one number at a time then take the clothespins off and turn the paper plate over for the next number. I had them count the clothespins after putting them on then trace and say each number for number recognition. They can take the baggies home to practice with their parents. Make sure to include a note to parents about the activity and have them bring them back to school the next school day or the end of the week.

Clothesline math. Hands-on math done on a “mat.” Draw a clothesline across a sheet of paper with clothes hanging from it. Copy enough for each child. Give them ten clothespins. Instruct them to hang up the laundry using 5 clothespins. They place 5 clothespins on the mat. Then have them hang up some more laundry using 3 more clothespins. They put 3 more on the mat. Have them count all of their clothespins then ask each child to count them for you for one-to-one correspondence. They just did addition. The have them do subtraction in the same manner but they will take dry laundry off after hanging it. They just did subtraction. Have them color their picture after completing the activity. They can take it home along with a note on how to do the activity at home.