Clothespin Art

I bought these colorful miniature clothes pins at Wal-Mart. I glued them across a piece of black construction paper with a colorful piece of twine through t he pins (to look like a miniature clothes line). I had a big bag of colorful scrap fabric that I cut out into various shapes. I let the children pick out a few of their favorite “clothes” and then they pinned them to their clothes lines. It was great for fine motor skills and made an incredibly beautiful art piece. The children can move their “clothing” and change it whenever they like.

Clothespin painting. Have the children choose a colored plastic clothespin (Wal-Mart) and a 1 piece sponge cut up in quarters that is already damp. Give each student a piece of paper and paper plate for paint. Have them practice using their clothespin then have them put their sponge in it. Give them paint and let them have fun! When they are finished they put their painting in their cubby, put their clothespin/sponge in a small bucket of water to soak in sink and wash their hands.

Clothespin coloring. Have them choose a clothespin and practice putting crayons in it. they have to hold the clothespin to color, not the actual crayon.