Circus Songs

Sung to “are you sleeping”

Elephants walking, elephants walking
See the clowns, funny clowns
Ponies with their riders, poodles doing tricks,
See the show, circus show

Circus Song (tune: “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad)

I am walking through the circus,
Happy as can be.
I am walking through the circus,
Just to see what I can see.
I can see the clown laughing.
I can see the elephant, too.
I can see the lion sleeping.
Look out! ‘Cause he sees you.

Sung to the tune of La Cucaracha (I am sorry I don’t know the correct spelling.)

Oh little lion, Oh little lion,
Jump through the fiery ring.
Oh little lion, Oh little lion,
Let’s see you do it again.

(This is sung while each child takes a turn and jumps through a hula hoop. ) My children loved doing this.

song movement

Oh Mr. clown clown
neatest clown in town
show me your tricks
{name of child} clown

repeat until every child has a turn

We have a circus clown his name is (Fill in child’s name)
Watch him do a funny trick inside the circus ring.

A funny clown who is short and fat,
A funny clown in a big tall hat.
A funny clown with a nose so red,
A funny clown with green hair on his head.
A funny clown who is very tall,
A funny clown so tiny and small.
A funny clown …………

(make clowns matching the above – and more – for the felt or magnetic board – children pick out and put in place: one for each class member would be ideal!)