Circus Science

Clown Costumes: Have each child bring in a white t-shirt one to two sizes larger than their regular size. Help each child decorate his/her t-shirt. Before getting started, it’s a good idea to put a piece of wax paper (or poster board) inside of each shirt to prevent the paint and glue from bleeding through onto the other side. Use shape sponges (triangle, square, etc.) and fabric paint (such as Apple Barrel mixed with Fabric Medium so paint won’t wash out). Use washable fabric glue (can be found at craft stores and Wal-Mart) and brightly colored sequins. Also, use the glue to help the students place 3 brightly colored pom-pom balls along the center (vertically) of the shirt. The children will have lots of fun wearing their cool clown costumes. You can add accessories, like hats, noses, make-up, wigs, etc.

Clown Collars…Cut the center from a cheap, white paper plate. Use brightly colored tissue paper, either solid or print. Polka dots are really cute! Fold the whole sheet of tissue in half lengthwise. Then fold in one inch pleats in the double thickness. After making a few pleats, begin to staple this to the paper plate. Continue making pleats and stapling to fully cover the plate circle. Our children wear these collars, dunce-style clown hats with yarn hair, and have their faces painted for our annual “Circus Day” visit from a local magician/clown. Although the collars are teacher-made, they really add something to the “look”!

Make 2 or 3 balloons out of white paper or poster board and laminate them. Then have 3 small containers with colored water in the 3 primary colors. Add small paintbrushes or eyedroppers and let kids put the colored water on the balloons to see what color their balloons end up!