Circus Games

I had the children walk around in circles till they were dizzy. Then after that I told them to try to walk the tight rope. The lesson was on being the human cannonball then tight rope walking afterwards. Hahaha, silly me.

Clown Beanbag Toss

Draw a large clown face on a piece of butcher paper, cardboard, or fabric. Collect several beanbags. Tape the clown face to the floor a few feet away from the clown. Have your children stand behind the line and take turns trying to toss a beanbag onto the clown’s nose.

One Elephant Went Out to Play
Materials: Rope

What to Do: Put the tightrope (rope) down in the center of the circle. Have the elephant (child) to stand on the rope. Children sing the following song: One elephant went out to play on a tightrope string one day. He had such enormous fun; He called for another elephant to come. (First line of the song and the next three lines increasing the number of elephants until each child has a turn. Then sing the following verse) 5 (Or the number of children) elephants went out to play on a tightrope string one day they had such enormous fun, but the tightrope broke and they all fell down!

Pin the nose on the clown. Use poster board to draw a clown’s face with the nose missing. Tape poster to the wall. Blindfold each child when it’s his/her turn. Use index cards to make a red nose for each child and write their name on the card. Place a piece of double-sided tape on the back. Depending on the child’s age, turn him/her around 2-3 times and point the child in the right direction.

Acrobat Letters

Reinforce Letters by having acrobat children make letters with their bodies. For Example: Two children can make the capital letter “A” The children lay on the floor (heads touching) slanting – then they put their inside arms together to form the “A”. My class loves doing this – even when it isn’t Circus week.

Ring of Fire Here is another variation to the hoops. I hang red streamers from the hoop. Let the children be lions and tigers jumping through the ring of fire. They really seem to like it.

Clown Day I buy the balloons that the clowns use to make animals. I blow them up (I used an air compressor) and give them to the children. They pretended to be clowns and make animals with the balloons.

This is great fun as a outdoor activity. Have two or three large clown faces or Elephant face.(Laminated). Put a blown balloon for the nose of the clown or the trunk of the elephant. Place a spoon full of either shaving cream or whipping cream on the balloon and have the children shoot it off with water guns (if you allow guns). I use needless syringes or small spray bottles. This can be a relay race or compete against a timer or just purely for fun.