Circus Art

I use a plain white sheet and let the children paint on it and use it a Big Top tent. we all play and do different circus tricks and entertain each other under the Big Top!!

Use white paper and roll up like a cone hat, but small. Take colored cotton ball and unroll (it Does), and wrap around cone, use white glue as you wrap. Continue and wrap as big ball as you want. Wrap up and down cone to form fake cotton candy. It looks real enough to eat.

Balloon Clown Face

Have the children decorate a paper plate with bingo dippers of different colors, this will be the clowns collar. Next blow up a balloon and let them use various materials to make a face, construction paper, tissue paper, etc. Then punch a small hole in the center of the paper plate and pull the balloon through. Secure with tape, staple to bulletin board. You can add a piece of masking tape to the back of the balloon to get it to stick to the bulletin board so that you can see all of the clown faces, otherwise the balloons naturally face down!

I had all the kids design their own big top circus. They chose where they wanted the ring, people, tent, and other buildings and animals to be. It was great!

Give each child two small balls of Styrofoam to create a clown. supply them with different kinds of shapes and craft materials to decorate their clown….Let them be creative!. Have fun!

We made a circus train to decorate our classroom wall. Each child made one train car, then the cars were joined to form a long train. Begin by getting clean, *unused* Styrofoam meat trays from your grocer. Most will donate these. Next, have each child cut a wild animal picture from a magazine and glue it onto the tray. Cut small slits along the top and bottom of the tray, and provide the children with pieces of yarn. These can be stretch from top to bottom on the tray and will stay in place when the ends are tucked into the slits. These are your cage “bars”. Add construction paper wheels to each train car and combine with a paper engine and caboose for a great wall display! On our train, I also added several passenger cars with photos of the children in clown make-up pasted into the windows!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.