Cinco De Mayo Curriculum

On Cinco de Mayo I like to make cookies to remind me of all my past friends and family. Make the cookies any kind you want and remember to put the persons make on the cookie!

For my son’s kindergarten class we made quesadillas for Cinco de Mayo, we had flour tortillas, shredded cheese and some chopped cooked chicken. Just heat the tortilla in an electric skillet for a few seconds to soften it, add the fillings to one-half of the tortilla fold it over and cook for a minute or two on each side until the cheese melts. Cut into wedges. The kids loved it. This year he’s in third grade and we’re going to make flour tortillas, it’s just flour, water and salt, made into a dough and rolled out with a special rolling pin.

For Cinco De Mayo we had Mexican food: tacos, Spanish rice, etc. I looked in my grocery store down the Mexican food aisle for ideas.

We made red, white and green paper chains to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Then, we took our chains outside and practiced the “grito” to add to the festivities. We compared the U.S. and Mexican flags and discussed “freedoms”…how we have freedoms in the United States and the Mexican farmers were fighting the French for freedom…”Cinco de Mayo”.

We’re combining our Cinco de Mayo theme week with Mother’s Day, and giving a Mexican Mother’s Day Luncheon for our moms on the Friday before Mother’s Day. We’re making serapes out of brown grocery bags, painted with bright colors, and place-mats out of paper, painted with brightly colored stripes or designs. To make a centerpiece for each mom, have a root-beer bottle for each child. Cover with glue and wrap with jute string–either the natural colored, or use thick yarn in several colors. Wrap from bottom to top. Inside the bottle place several brightly colored tissue paper flowers that the kids have made. We make maracas. The kids will do the “Mexican Hat Dance” as entertainment for the moms, and we will serve tacos that the children help make.