Christmas Snacks For Preschoolers

Christmas Snacks For Preschoolers


1 Handful frosted shredded wheat= hay frosted with the snow of the North Pole

1 handful pretzel sticks= tender twigs

1 handful of raisins= dried berries

1 handful of red candies (M & M’s)= fresh berries

1 baby carrot

Handful= child hand

Place above items in a zip lock baggie, shake up and enclose a note that says “Even Santa’s Reindeer need a snack now and then, especially on Christmas Eve, please leave me out with the cookies and milk for Santa!”

Of course, the children get to taste each item BEFORE sending home!

Reindeer sandwiches

Cut the crusts off of a slice of bread. Cut bread in half to make two triangles. Mix peanut butter and honey together and spread on one half of bread, then add top bread to the sandwich. Add a cherry half for the nose, pretzels for antlers, and chocolate chips for eyes.

Take mini-bagels (plain), spread with softened cream cheese (can be tinted green with food coloring), top with green sprinkles, holly sprinkles (can be found in some stores), or green-tinted coconut. They look like little wreaths. I have used this idea for K-2 room parties at school.