Christmas Snacks For Preschoolers

Christmas Snacks For Preschoolers

When I was in high school, I did this with my teacher and our pre-school class, it was so fun! Gingerbread Houses You need per child: A small sq. of cardboard and a lunch size milk carton. For them to share: white frosting with decorator bags and tips (frosting must be stiff), white coconut (flake), graham crackers, gumdrops, licorice, m&m minis, any other fun candies! First, fill your bags w/frosting. Glue your milk carton, bottom on cardboard, with frosting. Then, glue on all sides of house with graham crackers and frosting to milk carton. Add two grahams at the top, angled, for a roof, and glue with frosting. Then let the kids have fun! They can use the frosting to glue candies on their house or cardboard to make a scene! If you want, this works well with a fairy tale unit, just after the story Hansel and Gretel. Or you can make a winter house, and add mini or jumbo marshmallows for snowmen, and pretzel sticks for arms. Best of all, the whole thing is edible! Or, the kids can display their gingerbread houses at Christmas like a tradition!


1.cresent roll in a can (Pillsbury works best) 2.cream cheese/ sour cream mixed 3.broccoli pieces 4.cauliflower pieces 5.carrot slivers pepper pieces (for red color….some kids wont like it) Take out the crescent roll dough and cut ornament shapes. Cook the dough until light brown. Add the cheese mixture and top with vegetable pieces.

mini x-mas cakes

chocolate royal biscuits

icing sugar

glace cherries

green lolly

mix up icing and put on top of biscuit. chop glace cherries and green lollies into small pieces and put them on top of icing like a piece of holly.

First bake sugar cookies for almost double the amount of kids you have. Then take red and green food coloring and color two containers of frosting. then let the children smear the frosting with Popsicle sticks. then they decorate with sprinkles. Happy eating!!

To Make Christmas Wreaths: Use Dunkin donut honey dipped donuts, vanilla frosting tinted green with food coloring, m&ms as decoration, and Twizzler whips to make the bow. Frost the top of the donut and then add the decorations.

take any Christmas cookie cutter we use Christmas trees or Santa and cut out two pieces of bread and then two pieces of bologna (or any other lunch meat) and make cookie sandwiches. it’s a good idea if you have a party to use many different cookie cutters .

Place a pineapple ring on each child’s plate. Cut bananas in half and let each child peel his banana and place standing up in pineapple ring. Give each child a maraschino cherry and a toothpick to put on top of banana. You can put a raisin on top too. Now everyone has a Christmas candle.

Snowman Snack

Get rice cakes or popcorn cakes. I use the small carmel nut flavored popcorn cakes. Each child gets two or three. The student will spread cream cheese on the popcorn cake to make it white. Use plastic knives and soften the cream cheese.

Use raisins to make the eyes, nose, and mouth. Use raisins to make three buttons on the Snowman’s tummy. Eat and enjoy. This activity will give you a good idea if the children understand the parts of their face.


Mix honey, powdered milk, and peanut butter. Roll into balls. Then roll in coconut.

Christmas Trees

Give each child an ice cream cone, paper plate, plastic knife or tongue depressor, green icing, colored mini marshmallow and/or fruit loops, red licorice whips…baby wipe.

Put a small glob of icing in the middle of the plate, stick the cone upside down in it, then let the kids ice their “tree”. After icing it they may decorate it as they wish. This year we are using colored mini marshmallows for the “balls” and red licorice whips for the garland and putting a marshmallow star on the top. You can use M&M’s, Fruit Loops or whatever variety decoration you wish. The children really enjoy the icing and decorating.