Christmas Games

Turn the dramatic play area into a post office. Since so many cards and packages are sent during the month of December this would be a great way for the kids to role play. Don’t forget to include stamps, envelopes, markers, pens, stamps and stamp pads, phone book, scale for weighing packages, phones, tape. Turn the block area into a wrapping station where they can package boxes to be mailed. Use a large box-painted and a hole cut into it for a mailbox. Make sure to include a canvas tote for a mailbag.

Holiday Matching Game

Take a cardboard egg carton, closed up, turn upside down and spray paint it gold ( or red, green or silver). Cut slits in each egg cup.

Make matching sets of six-holiday shapes; I used Santa’s from the Ellison die cuts, six colors, 2 of each. Laminate, tape to a tongue depressor. The children find the matching pairs and insert them into the egg carton holder. We sing a song using the “Brown Bear” sequencing, ie. Red Santa, Red Santa, who do you see? I see a Blue Santa looking at me…..continue for all colors used.

You can do this for any symbols you want to use, for any holiday.

Make a “fireplace” on your bulletin board. Buy some cheap Christmas stockings or use long socks and “hang” them on the fireplace.

Before the children arrive at school, place different items in the stockings such as a wad of cotton, a toy car, a block, a balloon filled with water, etc. When the children come to circle time, ask each child to come up to the fireplace and try to guess what it inside the stockings by feeling them. Record the children’s responses.