Christmas Curriculum Ideas

Christmas Curriculum Ideas

Every year before Christmas break, I have a X-mas Craft Night, where parents and their child come and make crafts together. I set up about 4 tables, with one or two crafts to make at each table. The crafts chosen are ones that require the help of a parent (that way they work together). Also, the crafts chosen require cheap materials that I get donated at the beginning of the year. I just play X-mas music and walk around watching the smiles on the kid’s faces as they enjoy having their parent’s full attention. The families can do all of the crafts, or one or two of them, it’s totally up to them. Of course, they usually like to make all of them!!!!!!!!

Gifts For Your Class

Make several large batches of playdough in different colors. Choose three colors for each child and place the playdough balls into a holiday patterned Ziplock bag. Enclose a holiday cookie cutter for each child.

If you are so inclined, you can also enclose a miniature rolling pin. Go to a lumber yard or a home improvement store and purchase several large, thick dowels. Have the lumber department cut them into small rolling pins.

Another Gift For Your Class

What you need:

felt scraps

cotton puffs

old silk flowers


large-sized jingle bells




tissue paper

holiday wrapping

foil cupcake liners

colored macaroni

different sizes, colors, and textures of paper

etc. etc. etc. let your imagination run wild!

Place the materials in a shoe box and wrap with Christmas paper. Make a box for each child in your class. Attach a card and encourage the children to create something at home with their art items.