Christmas Curriculum Ideas

Christmas Curriculum Ideas

For Christmas, Take a cardboard circle, a paper towel roll, and green streamers and have your children make a Christmas tree, if your kids are too young to do so, make it yourself and have them make paper decorations to add to it.

Every year I make footprint reindeer. Trace each child’s foot (with the shoe off) on brown paper. Glue this to another sheet of paper with the toes at the bottom and space at the top. Then trace both hands on brown paper. Glue the hands to the sides of the foot at the top with the fingers going up. These are the antlers. Add eyes, nose and mouth. This works best if you have two shades of brown paper-one for the head and one for the antlers. Every class at my preschool does this, from babies to 5 years old. Several parents have told me that they have saved them all to see how much the reindeer have grown.

This is an easy Christmas angel idea. Fold a round coffee filter in half (this will be the angels dress/body), attach wings, arms and a head and decorate. I’ve done the wings out of lace and out of dollies. I’ve also had the children draw a head and face for their angel or I’ve attached a photograph of the child’s face for the head. Mix and match these ideas to suit your children’s interests. The dress looks great when decorated with gold and silver glitter.

I saw this today at a craft fair. Pasta angel: You’ll need bow tie and Rigatoni pasta. Glue them together to form the body and wings. Paint. Use a piece of glittery pipe cleaner for a halo, and another pipe cleaner for the arms. I also added two beads for hands. It took me a few tries to assemble it in a fashion the kids can repeat, but it came out very cute! Good for an ornament or magnet.

Make a Popsicle stick picture frame and decorate. Sequins add a holiday touch. We’ve also added small holiday woodsies. For the picture use black paper to resemble a chalk board and add a message such as ‘Santa stop here’ or ‘Reindeer Landing’ The children have given me many creative messages of their own.

You’re going to love this… We had recipe day, all of the moms cooked there child’s favorite recipe and brought it to school. For lunch we had a smorgasbord. It was great, we had potato soup, mac and cheese, noodle casserole, goldfish crackers, etc. The great part is we had the parents to put there recipe on an index card, which will be submitted in our cookbook we will present to the parents as a Christmas present. We are photocopying the index cards making a cover and using prongs to bind the books together We can’t wait the moms have no idea they are getting anything in return!

As a gift for our students at Christmas time, we made a ball of play dough. We put this in a Ziploc bag, and printed out the no-cook recipe on cards for the parents to make more at home. We added a cookie cutter with beautiful red ribbon, and voila! a practical and enjoyable gift.

I invented a Christmas activity for my science corner. First, I made a Santa Clause made up of 4 different textures: Red construction paper for the suit, black construction paper covered with podge for the belt and boots (would have used leather if I had had some), White cotton for the beard and mustache, and a white pompom for his hat. Then, I made 8 little cards with each of the textures above. Then I made 4 more with the same textures, but different colors. All of these things were then organized on a whiteboard (could use a bulletin board). To the left, I stuck the Santa Clause so the kids could feel the different textures. Then, I made a column of the first 4 cards. I taped those so the kids would not take them off. The other cards were all laid out on the bottom. With Handy Tack, the children would match the first row: same texture same color. Then they would match the second row: same texture, different color. I hope all of this is not too confusing, ’cause the kids really enjoyed it!

Bulletin Board: DECEMBER CAPTION TITLE: A celebration of Holidays, Use Pre-cutouts of Menorah, Star of David, Christmas Trees, Kwanzaa (Afro-American Holiday (importance about working together) and also Ramadan The Half moon and star. I work in a public school for preschoolers; We acknowledge all the holidays that occur in December. The children color Dreidels, stars, for Hanukkah, we continue with Santa heads (use multi-color construction paper to make Santa heads for Christmas, Kwanzaa, we construct fruit baskets and Ramadan, we color family member, the father, mother, son and daughter, all holding hands in unison.

Reindeer headbands-I had my kindergarten class trace their hands onto brown construction paper then cut them out. Then I made a headband out of white paper for each child, and stapled the hands on to look like reindeer. We added glitter on the hands for more fun. Then we cut out circles out of red construction paper for noses and taped them on. I couldn’t believe how much they all liked it, even the coolest boys were wearing theirs. We also wrote their names on their headbands for practice.