Christmas Arts and Crafts


Take a pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Bend the tip of one end of the pipe cleaner (so the beads don’t slip through). Let the children thread on the “tri-beads”–it will take approximately 36 beads. Once you are done, twist the ends to prevent all the beads falling off. Then decorate with bow (to cover up where you’ve twisted it. Take ribbon or string so you can hang it from the tree or glue a pin to the back as a broach. CANDY CANE–It is made exactly like the wreath–the only difference is that you bend it to resemble the shape of a Candy Cane.

Christmas Wreaths

Using: coffee filters, green, yellow, and red tissue paper, glue, and yarn.

cut a hole in the center of the coffee filter, lay flat. Take the tissue paper and cut in small squares, then glue them to the coffee filter. Punch hole in top of filter and add green, red or yellow yarn. It’s such a cute and colorful wreath!!!

painting with a gift wrap bow

put a small amount of paint on a plate or paint tray. give the child a bow (like the ones you put on the top of a present -the kind with the sticky stuff on the back) then have them dip bow side down in the paint and then press on a piece of paper. you can use different shapes and sizes.

Here’s a fasta pasta wreath.

Cut a wreath shape from cardboard or matting board. Have children glue on macaroni or rotini or other glue-able pasta. When very dry, adult spray paints entire wreath with gold paint. Let dry. Add a green or red ribbon to hang. Don’t forget to date the back, you’ll have this around for years!

This is a variation of several great ideas that I have seen (& made) thru the years. Those cute handprint trees that are made by tracing the children’s hands-on green paper or painting green handprints on white paper can be painted directly on the windows to make a class tree. They dipped their thumb in colors to make ornaments after the tree dried. These made our room look festive & looked great from the road, too. This can be done in other seasons as well. This year we have giant hand & footprint turkeys on our window for Thanksgiving. It is adorable, the parents love it & the kids have fun.

Christmas Angels

1. use either white craft tubes or tp tubes covered with white paper. have the children use markers to decorate the angel bodies. 2. have the kids trace and cut out two handprints for the wings 3. with a hot glue gun attach a glass colored ball ornament with wiggly eyes and pipe cleaner halo glued on. (The really cheap ones you can get a box for under $5.00)

4. You will probably have to attach all the pieces with the hot glue gun but once they are dry you can hang them on the Christmas tree or put on top.

At Christmas time we take 3 tongue depressors and paint them blue then we clue on popcorn to make a snowflake ornament.

Cut Christmas tree shape out of poster board. Glue fruit loop cereal on the tree for decorations. Glue sparkly pom pom on top of the tree for the star.

Every year we try to make creative gifts for our parents. This year we took carpet samples that were donated and we made welcome mats! With the light carpet squares, we made reindeer. Use fabric paint and paint the bottom of the child’s foot for the face and then paint the hands for the antlers. We also made snowman with the darker carpet squares using their right and left foot. With a stencil you can also paint on a welcome sign!

I have toddlers and 2-year-olds and we make angel wrapping paper. First I sponge paint the bottom of their feet blue (boys) and pink (girls) and let them walk on butcher paper (make sure it’s spaced out a little and taped to the floor). Then when it dries we sponge paint our hands yellow and (with fingers facing down towards the toes on paper) we make “wings”. I draw a halo and add a little hair w/markers (or they can) and it makes the cutest wrapping paper!

We also do reindeers…take black paint and paint either the hands or foot and make the face (if using the and make sure the fingers are closed). Then take brown paint and make handprint antlers. Glue on a nose and some eyes (or thumbprint eyes) and you’ve got some great paper =)


This is a simple and easy Christmas gift idea I used this year. At the Christmas clearance sales (about 75% off) look for paper mache boxes that look like small trees or whatever they have. Clip a clothespin onto whichever part the child is going to paint first as a handle. Then have them paint with green acrylic paint both pieces. Let dry. The next day have the child paint a layer of glue onto the lid and sprinkle with sequins. Have an adult spray shellac over it. Fill with red & green m&m’s. They turn out so pretty and the kids really do all the work, except the shellac. Be sure to write their name and year on the bottom after painting.