Christmas Arts and Crafts

Rice Wreaths: Mix plain white rice, white glue and green food coloring to the thickness of dough. Children should scoop out a handful, roll into a ball, flatten to about 1/2 inch, and poke a hole in the middle. Pinch around the circle to form the shape of a wreath. Insert a paperclip for hanging with a ribbon. Decorate with red construction paper punch outs from a hole punch. Let dry. Attach ribbon and maybe a small bow at the top. The dried green rice looks like the texture of evergreen needles. It looks great and is dead simple and really fast to complete.

This is a very easy craft idea that smells wonderful. Simply mix equal parts applesauce and cinnamon (approx. 1/8 cup of each per child) in a ziploc bag. Knead the bag until the ingredients are well mixed. Roll out on a piece of waxed paper or a cookie sheet and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes. Remove the excess dough and punch a hole in the top of each shape with a straw. Allow the shapes to dry completely. This may take several days at room temperature or you can place them in a warm oven (that is turned off) until they are completely dry. Dry a ribbon or string through the top to hang the ornament. You can also decorate them with glue, glitter, sparkles, paint. These ornaments can be stored in an airtight container to retain their wonderful smell.

Christmas star ornament

You will need the tops of cardboard egg cartons. Cut around the center hole part removing the sides and most of the border surrounding the center. Bring the ends together to form a star and staple to hold in place. Have the children paint the stars or decorate them any way you wish. Add a piece of yarn to hang the star on the tree. They are so easy to make and look very cute when finished.

This is a great idea for Christmas:

Go to Michael’s and buy clear Christmas ornaments (for as many children as you have). I have 6 children and I bought 12 just because, but it’s up to you how many you would like your kids to make and take home to show to their parents. Put different colors of paint inside the ornaments (just a little bit, that way it seems neat from the outside), and you can make any designs you like, such as waves, lines up and down, make circles etc. You can choose Christmas colors too. Then, throw a little bit of glitter spray paint on the outside of the ornament and let dry. Choose any colors you like. When you’re done you can put a ribbon on top. Have the children show their parents and take it home so they can hang it on their Christmas Tree. Have fun…..I know I did with my kids!

Using wagon wheel pasta, die some green and a few ( ie 5 per child) red. Using a pipe cleaner (green) thread them on to make a wreath! It was very easy. We used about 25 wheels per wreath. After they have threaded them on the teacher must shape it into a circle, leaving enough to form a small loop on top to hang it on a Christmas tree.

Use two stocking shaped felt pieces. Punch holes with a hole punch all around, (but leave the top open). Use yarn and large plastic safety needles and let them sew. They were so excited to sew and it makes them feel like “big kids”. Then we wrote each child’s name in glue and sprinkled glitter on top. They loved to see their glittery names, and they can’t wait to bring them home after our holiday party, all full of goodies from the teachers!

Santa Hats

Cut out a big triangle from red construction paper. Glue a cotton ball on one of the tips. Glue more cotton all along the bottom. Then take a 3 by 16 strip of red construction paper an staple it to the triangle. There is the adorable Santa hat!

For Christmas gift to the parents I bought white hand towels and fabric paint. I painted the child’s foot blue and put it on the towel (this is the body) then I painted the child’s hands and pressed them to the side of the foot (this is the wings) then outlined the shapes in the colors that I did them in then used black fabric paint for the eyes and mouth. Gave them hair if girl made it long if a boy made it short and spiky. then at bottom of towel wrote their names with fabric paint and the date.

Here’s a cute but time consuming parent present. Make a calendar from legal paper, leaving top blank. For every month put an art project your child did. This was definitely a parent pleaser!!

Christmas photo trees. Take white poster board and cut into a triangle shaped tree 12 inches tall. No trunk is necessary. Cut live, long, soft, pine tree branches to be used as your paint brushes. Children dip ends of pine branches into green paint and brush across the cut out trees. Dip the ends of new pencil erasers into red paint and dot on green trees for berries. Cut opening for a 4×6 photo to be glued in the center of the tree. A small magnet strip on back of tree so it can be displayed. The children love using the live branches that can be obtained at your Christmas tree sale lots.