Christmas Arts and Crafts

I cut out red candy cane shapes from plain ol’ construction paper. The children will then be given a handful of miniature marshmallows to glue onto the cane (in a pattern of their choice). When they are done, they can eat a handful of marshmallows, or have some cocoa with marshmallows (if you have access to a kitchen or microwave).

Here is an idea for a craft to be used on Christmas eve

Take a clean baby food jar, and “paint it” with a mixture of water and school glue. (Mix the glue and water to a thick paint-type consistency). Sprinkle with glitter. I have used gold, silver, mixed, etc., but the “prettiest” to me is crystal glitter. Allow it to dry. Wrap a 1/4 inch red or gold ribbon around the neck of the jar. Secure a votive candle in the bottom with melted wax or sticky tack. I then copy this poem and send it home with the candle. I run off copies of this poem and send with each candle on the last day of school before Christmas holidays. (I teach in a Christain school. If you teach in public and are prohibited from talking about Jesus, you can omit this poem, or use it in Sunday School instead)

I made this candle by myself, It comes wrapped up in love.

And as we light it Christmas Eve, We’ll remember God above.

He gave us all His very best, The day Jesus was born.

Let’s not forget this special gift, When we wake on Christmas morn.

As years pass by and memories grow, I hope that we remember,

Lessons learned ’round this little light, Made for you this December.

I also send home a sheet telling the parents to light it eache Christmas eve as a family to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

I made a similar candle in Kindergarten 35 years ago, and every year we would light it on Christmas Eve and read the Christmas story from Luke 2. My parents have that candle, and stiill light it each year. It is very special to us all.

Cut out Xmas tree shapes from a heavy paper, glue on all types of pasta. Let dry thoroughly, spray paint with silver or gold.

Kick off the season with The Gingerbread Man. For a Bulletin Board or art idea cut 2 gingerbread boys from brown paper grocery sacks. Staple around all but one side. Have the children stuff toilet tissue to make the form puffy. Staple remaining side. Glue on wrapping paper bow ties, rick-rack for trims and bows for the girls. Add colored buttons and have your children customize them to their heart’s content. Culminate with a gingerbread cooking activity and let the kids decorate their own cookies. They’ll run, run, run to eat up this yummy treat!

Make an evergreen tree out of construction paper (make mine about 3 feet tall). Hang on wall. As we make ornaments in December we hang them on the “tree”. Of course this only works with paper ones or very light ones that we can tape on. This year I’m having a second tree and we’re making little snow men and snow women to count the days till Christmas.

For Christmas presents for our parents, I get new bricks from a construction site, then I give them several coats of glossy white paint. When they dry, I paint the children’s hand green, then tell them to put their fingers and thumb together and press on the brick..perfect tree. I then have them add a brown painted trunk, yellow star at the top, and red fingerprint ornaments. On the sides of the brick, I write the date. On the bottom, I put red plaid. I put them in brown shopping bags with a teddy bear stamp (brown) sponge across the bag and tied it with a big red gingham bow.

Christmas Arts and Crafts