Christmas Arts and Crafts


String beads of various colors onto “pipe cleaners” (aka chenille sticks)

Twist ends to hold together. Can also use several sticks for a necklace!


Glue holiday pictures or drawings onto plastic lids

Punch a hole at the top of the lid, add string or yarn to hang

Helping Hands Book

Trace or print with paint, your handprint onto several pieces of paper

Make a cover; “Helping Hands for You! Use the enclosed coupons whenever you need a helping hand!”

Vase/Candle Holder

Using a clear glass bottle (Adults may need to help), place pieces of colored tissue paper onto the bottle using watered down glue, or liquid starch.

Cover tissue paper completely with “glue” Let dry.

Gift Bags

Decorate brown paper lunch bags with crayons, markers, or holiday stickers

Place gift inside the bag, add tissue paper if desired Fold over the top of bag approximately 2 inches, punch two holes, and add yarn to tie together. Add a gift card if desired!

Pencil Holders

Cover a frozen juice can with contact or construction paper

Decorate with holiday stickers, crayons, or markers

Add pencils, and a bow!

Book Markers

Trace your hand and arm onto a piece of paper

Carefully cut out, decorate, and cover with clear contact paper if desired

had my children make Santa and Rudolf from their hand prints. Paint hands and fingers brown for Rudolph, add eyes and red paper noses, smear paint on two fingerprints to look like antlers. For Santa, paint palm brown (skin-tone), fingers white for beard. Add eyes, nose mouth, and cotton for beard and trim of hat. Cut red half-circle for hat. put Santa on red squares, Rudolph on green squares, create a quilt for your bulletin board. too cute!!!!

Christmas Wreaths

Give each child three Frosted Mini-Wheats or around 20 bite-sized shredded wheat cereal pieces. Have the children crumble the pieces into a cup. Make sure the pieces are small. Add glue and mix until you have a thick but “shape-able” consistency. Add green food coloring and stir until it’s all green. Dump the mixture onto waxed paper and shape into a donut-type Christmas wreath shape. Sprinkle with glitter or add red sequins. Glue on a ribbon bow. At my school, we glue the children’s pictures on the back of the wreaths so their faces show in the center, add a hanger on the back for an ornament and give it to the parents for Christmas.

(More of a craft than art) Use real wrapped candy canes to make Rudolph. Start with the song or a fingerplay then use 1/2 a pipe cleaner, twisted, for the antlers on the top, 2 rolly eyes, and a red pompom for the nose. Very cute and easy!!

This year during Thanksgiving I took pictures of the children in native American outfits we had made. I saved the photos for Christmas time. Together my K class and I made little frames with craft sticks. We then decorated and I glued the pictures in. They were great presents for parents and beautiful ornaments.