Christmas Arts and Crafts

Recipe Holder

Cover a bathroom tissue roll with contact or construction paper. Cut two slits on end directly across from one another

Place an index card into slits, add a message: For your favorite recipes!

Soap Balls/Soap on a rope

Grate a bar of Ivory soap into a bowl

Add water a little at a time, mix with a whisk or electric mixer until blended

Shape into ball shape, insert string if desired, Let dry 2 days

Tissue Box Frame

Cut top off of a tissue box, and decorate as you wish

Tape your favorite picture or drawing to the back


Locate a 1 or 2 liter soda bottle with a plastic bottom (try Polar brand)

Carefully remove the plastic bottom by twisting or using a screwdriver

Cut off approximately 2-3 inches of the soda bottle from the top leaving a bubble.

shaped bottle

Place soil and seeds into the plastic end of the soda bottle

Place the bubble-shaped top directly over the plastic bottom

Decorate the top with a bow. Germination can take 1-3 weeks

Napkin Rings

Cut a paper or bathroom tissue roll into 2 inch rings

Place glue over entire surface, and carefully wrap your favorite colored yarn

around the ring. Let dry. Add a colorful napkin!!

Desk Organizer

Glue together several sizes of paper towel or bathroom tissue rolls

Glue rolls onto a stiff cardboard or poster board. Let dry. Decorate! Add some pens, pencils, paperclips, etc. if you wish

Magazine Necklaces

Cut pages from magazines into triangle shapes, any sizes will do, try a variety of sizes to make a unique necklace each time.

Using a pencil or pen, roll the triangle shape from the flat end to the point

Add tape to the bead to hold together, string onto yarn!

Juice lid Magnets

Glue your favorite picture or drawing onto a metal juice can lid

Add a 1-inch strip magnet to back, securing well with glue.