Christian Preschool Christmas Activities

Christian Preschool Christmas Activities

Turn your block area into a Nativity experience.

When my daughter was three years old, she was fascinated by the wooden Nativity scene I would set up on my coffee table at Christmas. One day, all of my figurines were missing. I went into my daughter’s room and found her creating her own manger out of blocks. The next day, I went down and bought her an inexpensive, plastic Nativity scene for her to use.

I also did the same thing for my classroom. In addition to the plastic Nativity scene, I added the small bales of hay that you can buy at Michaels and plastic farm animals. Before I set up this activity in the block area, we discussed each figure at circle time. This was a very meaningful experience for my own child and the children in my classroom.

I work for a Christian preschool so at Christmas I tried to put the focus Jesus being born instead of Santa. One way I did this was to make a very special bulletin board. I used a blue background, made a 3D manger, and drew a silhouette of a baby laying in it. I put a piece of cloth over the baby’s body so that only the face in one hand was seen. Then I put a big star in the corner of the board and put “Happy Birthday Jesus” above the manger. Then I had the children decorate a gift for Jesus using a square piece of construction paper, stickers, markers, stamps and whatever else the wanted to use. To finish off the presents they chose a bow to put on it and a name tag to identify their gift. The children really got into giving a gift to Baby Jesus. This was a hit with the parents and all who passed by the room as well.

Circle Idea, Find a crèche that the children can play with. I found one at a dollar store. Wrap up each figure, I used six boxes, one for the angel, one for the shepherds, one for the animals, etc. All the boxes are nicely wrapped, but the box that baby Jesus was in was the biggest and the best wrapped. I wrapped it with gold paper, covered it with beautiful bows. By far the best-wrapped present, all the children wanted this present. We talked about the size of the presents, the colors, etc. I had a present for each child to open, as we opened them we set up the nativity scene. (We made a stable at work time, out of cardboard etc. Save the best for last, agree with the children about how this is the best, most beautiful, most shiny, wonderful looking present. It is a free gift, it is Jesus, this is what Christmas is all about. This can be done at any-time of year. The children loved it. We added to our “living room” (housekeeping area). We are decorating our whole room for Christmas, bit by bit. and the nativity was set on the coffee table.

I usually talk about living things/babies/growing…as part of my theme on remembering the birth of Jesus…incl. the sort of care a baby needs. As our charity project, we have a “Baby Shower for Jesus”, with collected items donated to either a local home for unwed mothers or an organization for homeless families. Kids love comparing sizes of baby items to the items they currently use.

Hang a glittering star over a quiet corner in your room. (The home living area is where we put ours) Under the star, place a rocking chair and a doll-sized manger. Inside the manger, place a doll, wrapped in “swaddling clothes.” The children do a wonderful job of taking care of “Baby Jesus.” Sweet photo opportunity too!

have a Happy Birthday baby Jesus party. Have a birthday cake with a small manager on it. Let the children sing happy birthday to Jesus. We did this at a church and had all the preschoolers go to different stations and make ornaments for the tree. You can use the ornaments to decorate a tree at your center or they can take them home. A great way to talk about the real meaning of Christmas.

Christian Preschool Christmas Activities