Chinese New Year Snacks

My kids loved reading the book The Runaway Rice Cake. There is a recipe in the back to make the rice cake. We mixed it all together and then put it in the oven. I did not turn the oven on right away. Instead I cooked it over night, telling them it took a long time to cook and we would have to take it out of the oven the next day. When we went to get it out, it had “run away”. The kids followed clues I had written, in the same format as the book (Ai yo…) to figure out where the rice cake was. A year later they still talk about it. For kids who had already done this before, we added the precaution of tying the rice cake down, but of course it didn’t work! And the rice cake tastes pretty good too.

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growing bean sprouts

place seeds in a damp paper towel overnight to facilitate sprouting. when you have sprouts rinse them once a day with tap water, it’s best to do this in a jar with cheese cloth over the lid. we make one inch markings on the jar to chart the growth of our beans. we also eat them for snack.

won ton soup:
warm up water in a crock-pot, add a bouillon cube. have children wrap up ground meat with a won ton wrapper. add to crock-pot and let cook for about 30 minutes. make sure meat is well done, (over cooking will make wontons unwrap). Serve and ENJOY!

For our Chinese New Year Snack, we enjoyed ham fried rice. I made it ahead of time and kept it warm in an electric fry pan. We tried chop sticks at first and most went to spoons. Fried rice packages are at grocery stores with the instructions! We also read The Five Chinese Brothers and they love that story!!

Make egg drop soup. Boil chicken broth and slowly add 2 eggs (beaten). Stir quickly while adding the egg. My students love it every year.

Use wooden Popsicle sticks or tongue depressors (available from a medical supply store) for chopsticks to eat your snack or lunch if celebrating Chinese New Year. They are a little bit wider and easier to use than real chopsticks.