Chinese New Year Art

Explain that families in China get ready for the new year by cleaning and decorating their homes. Show children a Chinese wall hanging that families all over China use to decorate their walls like we use paintings in frames. (If you don’t have access to one, use your creativity and make one.) Notice that the Chinese characters don’t look like our letters, and they aren’t written from left to right like we do. Chinese writing is written from top to bottom. Give each child a long thin rectangle of paper and a thin paint brush. Give each child a small plastic cup with white glue with a blob of black in the middle. Ask the children to mix it with their brushes. Using glue mixed with paint makes the painting shiny and controls drips too. Ask them to chose a side of the banner and allow them to explore making Chinese like characters from the top to the bottom. When they have made their column, give them colored chalk and a cup of water. The children dip the chalk in the water and draw a beautiful picture on the blank side of the wall hanging. Glue a pencil across the top of the wall hanging and tie a ribbon to each end to display.

For Chinese New Year we make a New Years Dragon by taking a medium size cardboard box (as the head) and cover it with red paper, then take a small box and cover it (snout of the dragon) attach to the medium box and decorate with eyes (colored paper plate) mouth( small bowl paper plate) with red streamer hanging down for fire the add a long piece of red construction paper for the tail, place it on the floor and let the children color and decorate with glue and place glitter, feathers, yarn, streamers and etc. all over the tail, after dried hang on wall or roof for decor child well be cooperation and pride on something they created together.

Make dragon puppets out of the small brown lunch sacks. Have children cut out rectangles for “scales” and glue all over. They can even add horns and teeth. Let them use their imaginations!

Mix paint and glue together. Have the children paint with it then sprinkle rice on the wet paint. Dries shining.

Let the children create fireworks by using black construction paper, glue and different colors of glitter.