Chinese New Year Art

Find out what animal represents the present year and have the children paint that shape at the easel. For example, this year is the year of the rooster, so we will cut out the shape of a rooster for our easel and have the children paint it or you can have them add feathers to it…You can discuss that every Chinese New Year there is a different animal represented. You could even tell them what animal year they were born to.

I found a dragon cookie cutter, or you can hand cut out a shape from a pattern (full body or just head) I made baker’s clay and cut out the dragon and baked it as directed. I let the kids paint it and add glitter. It can be a magnet or if you want it to be a necklace, make a little hole in your dough before you bake and then you can string it when it is done! Very cute and festive!

I let the kids make lucky bracelets with pipe cleaners and large size beads. Very cute and they loved them! We used red, black and yellow beads to make it look festive.

I gave the kids red construction paper and let them paint with yellow and star shaped sponges. It resembled the Chinese flag. Very simple and easy.

Art– I make fans out of half a paper plate. I then let the kids glue on red and pink tissue paper cut in small squares and lastly I attach a tongue depressor for easy handling. I also send home a small red envelope with “lucky money” (usually a few pennies) in it . I make it out of construction paper. I let the children decorate their own with a gold marker.

Marble art

All that you do is to get a shoe box and paper. You then tape the paper in the shoe box and get black and red paint in small bowls. Then one at a time you put the paint covered marbles in and let them roll around. They love the sound and result!