Oh My!!!!  What Ever Shall I Do With That Wilted Celery?

Today was my weekly excursion to the grocery store.  I did the normal checking of all of the things we were low on.  I opened the produce drawer in my refrigerator and BEHOLD…………my beautiful celery that I purchased a week ago looked so sad and wilted 🙁  Then, an idea struck me like lightning: I could write an entire lesson plan based on celery.  I immediately ran to my computer and started typing away.  Here are the fruits (or vegetables… ar ar ar ar) of my labor.

This is not only a cool science experiment but a helpful household hint. Give that wilted and sad celery and give it new life.  First, cut off the bottom of the stalk.  Stick the celery stocks into a large glass of cold water.  Voila!!!  The next day your celery will be happy and perky.This is also an awesome way to teach kids about how plants absorb water through the ground.  Make a prediction chart.  Ask your kiddos what they think will happen if the wilted celery sits in a large glass of water overnight.