Caterpillar Art

The very hungry caterpillar. I cut out 6 inch long leaf shapes from green construction paper and then had the kids make a fist with their thumb to the side. I then painted each finger (not including thumb) area between the first and second set of knuckles (from the fingernail end) a different color and then helped them “stamp” the print on the leaf and then painted the padded side of the thumb red and helped print that for the head. After it was dry (it didn’t take 30 min.) we drew on dot eyes and antennae. They came out so cute!

After reading The Hungry Caterpillar we created our own hungry caterpillars. Use a pinch type clothespin. Glue 3 med size green pom poms in a row and then one red pom pom on the clothespin. Add small wiggle eyes on the red pom pom and black pipe cleaner antennae. When you pinch the clothespin the caterpillar appears to be “eating”.

Provide egg cartons, pipe cleaners, wiggle eyes, scissors, glue, construction paper, and small pieces of tissue paper. Encourage children to create their own caterpillar with the materials.

We always do a Bug unit towards the end of the school year. We are in Pre-K so I cut huge poster board size shapes out of printing paper. (Print shops will usually donate paper that is miss-cut) During large group we have shape review and the children pick a shape and paint with a primary color. In the hallway, I put the shapes following each other up and down the wall, looking like a caterpillar. For the head I paint a large circle and use x-large black pom poms for eyes and mouth, I use black pipe cleaners for antennae. During the unit when we create a bug, we display each child’s bug on their shape in which I have written their name. Above I die cut letters and say “We’re Shaping Up for Kindergarten”. At the end of the unit, it is nice because all you do is pull the child’s shape down and they take everything home still stuck on the shape.

This is a great way to improve fine motor skills. Have various shades of green construction paper available for children to use. Instruct them to cut the paper into strips (the length of the paper.) After they have cut several strips show them how to glue them the strips together as if they were making a paper chain. When completed attach a face and antennae (pipe cleaners). Use wiggle eyes and small pom poms for the nose and mouth.

You can use different types of colored pasta glued onto a picture of a tree (painted or made from construction paper) to show the stages in a butterflies life cycle.. a small shell can be the egg.. a spiral (rotini) can be a caterpillar.. a large shell can be the chrysalis.. and bowtie pasta can be the adult butterfly!!