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Summer Games For Preschoolers

Free Downloadable Summer Games

To help you celebrate Summer, we have uploaded numerous preschool games that you can print out and use in your classroom or at home.

Language and Literacy Through Storytelling

Try These Ideas to Kick Off Summer Reading Fun!

    Need to kickstart your summer of reading with your kids or students? Try these ideas!

Pen Pals! A Great Way to Keep Them Writing This Summer!

Enjoy this flashback tip I shared last summer! My lovely cousin, Holly, asked me if my kids would like to be pen pals with her…

Summer Boredom Buster: Make Your Own Board Game!

For some parts of the country, school is just letting out for the summer. In other parts, like where I live, we’re already almost four…

Finding Space for Reading

Summer never feels like a time when things slow down and life is a little less crazy. Our summers are busy, for the kids and…

Ideas for Summer Book Fun!

Can I show you what we’ve been doing in class this past month? I can’t believe I will be trading the preschool classroom for the…

New Child’s Play Books!

I love seeing Child’s Play’s big brown box of books show up on my porch every few months. The kids and I get to test…

summer science

Summer Science

Summer science ideas for preschool

Summer Ideas

For my summer program I did a bulletin board with Fishes and had

Summer Art

Summer bulletin board idea!!

Summer Snacks

Sunshiny sandwiches: 1/4 cup undiluted frozen orange juice

Summer Songs

Sometimes when we go out on the playground there are bees flying.