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No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

  No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas A collection of twenty five no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas, many based on literary characters.  These are great for preschool,…

Pumpkin Snacks

Pumpkin pudding

Pumpkin Science

During my pumpkin unit I cut the top of off a pumpkin and put it in the sensory tub.

Pumpkin Games

Give Mr. Jack-O-Lantern Some Hair Small Motor Game

Pumpkin Art

  Pumpkin Shakers You will need: 2 Paper plates for each child Pumpkin seeds Crayons and markers Glue Dots Let the children color their 2…

Pumpkin Songs

To pick songs, have a bunch of different pumpkins to match or count.