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New, Fabulous Halloween Book and Activity!

Charlotte Gunnufson sent us a copy of her new book Halloween Hustle and the kids and I have been enjoying it immensely. I have actually…

Fun Books and Activities for October

  Need some quick ideas to make October a cool month of reading? Look no further! I’ve got a few for you right here!

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

  No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas A collection of twenty five no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas, many based on literary characters.  These are great for preschool,…

Germ Season

Printable Resources For Your School And Parents

Bug Art

Cut a large red circle and a small black out of construction paper and glue them together.

Body Part Games

Friend to Friend

Body Part Science

We have 20 children in our class. We make two models–a “boy” and a “girl”.   We take a long piece of paper approx. 4…

Body Part Art

I painted each child’s foot then they walked across butcher paper. After the footprints dried,

Body Part Snacks

Gingerbread People A cute idea for identifying body parts, and all about me.

Body Part Songs

Clap, Clap Clap your hands

Germ Ideas

Read Wash Your Hands by Tony Ross.

Bug Games

Play-Doh Bugs: Take your class to the park to collect twigs, pebbles, weeds and reeds in plastic bags.  

Bug Snacks

Spread thick blob of cheese or peanut butter on a cracker for a body.

Spider Games

Play Pin The Fly On The Spider Web.

Spider Science

Set up a learning Center with several spiders in clear plastic containers.

Spider Art

Sing the song, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, or read the story to introduce this project.

Spider Snacks

Have the children make their own spider’s out of chocolate cupcakes

Spider Songs

I got this song from the mailbox magazine. But my class of four and five-year-olds added the claps, jumps, clicks, etc.

Scarecrow Art

Spaghetti Scarecrows