Category: Back To School

Feelings Art

I work with 3 year olds, and this idea worked for me. Ask your children (one at a time or in several small groups) to…

Feelings Snacks

Pizza face! the pizza dough will be the face and you can add pepperoni or ham circles for eyes. you can make a happy face…

Feelings Songs

Traditional song: “I’ve got that hap-py feel-ing here in my heart, here in my heart, here in my heart.

Family Games

During a family unit in Kindergarten I did a math lesson that involved puppets.

Back To School Songs

The Wheels on the Bus I used this with my class of nine (4 year olds) when we were in dramatic play. I used chairs…

Back To School Ideas

We are thinking of next year already, and have decided that we are going with an outdoor backyard theme for the fall.

Back To School Bulletin Boards

Each September we get a new group of kids coming into the classroom.

Back To School Games

During the first few days of school, my 4-year-olds play this little game with me as a way of becoming familiar with the classroom.

Back To School Art

I did this project with my preschoolers and they loved it! You need yellow & black paint, crayons, and egg cartons.

Back To School Science

At the beginning of each year, I introduce the concept of cooperation by performing this simple experiment: Gather a class supply of old, “dirty” pennies,…