Castle Art

Give each child three kitchen towel rolls and help them to paint them pink. They will then need three small cone cups (the kind used for at water machines). Paint these pale blue and sprinkle them with glitter. Glue these to the top of the painted rolls, then glue blue square or rectangle shapes on the towers for windows. More glitter can be sprinkled over the whole thing, then fix the three towers to a cardboard square covered with tin foil. We cut slits around the end of each roll, then bent back each section and just taped them to the base. The children have made Cinderella’s castle. It took us a couple of days but looked brilliant!

Here is a great recipe for making permanent sand castles.

1 cup sand
1/2 cup cornstarch
3/4 cup liquid starch

mix sand and cornstarch in an old pot.
mix in liquid starch
cook over med. heat while constantly stirring, until mixture thickens and turns into dough remove pot from heat and let cool remove clay from pot and knead for 20-30 seconds before using.
sculptures will harden after drying. you can add 1 tbs of powered tempera paint to add color. have fun!!

I cut “sand” castles out of heavy paper and the children painted glue on with Q-tips. We sprinkled on colored sand, one color at a time and made wonderful sand castles