Carnival Games

This is a one child game. Make several cotton candy holders (a simple rectangle), then make several “cotton candies” for the top in colors that match the holders. Laminate both the holder and the cotton candy. The children then can match up the color of the cotton candy to the holder. This can also be used to match numbers, letters, etc. Ice cream cones work good, too.

Clothes pin toss: Get some old fashioned clothes pins and have the kids paint them bright carnival colors. Then get a large coffee can and decorate it with construction paper, markers, stickers or whatever. To start the game the kids stand over the coffee can and see how many clothes pins they can drop in. Have them take a step backward every time they make it in and see how far they can go backward before they can’t get one thrown in. Another variation is to have them kneel then stand on a chair to see how high they can get before it doesn’t go in the can. Cheap and easy fun. Good for hand eye coordination too!!

Tie balloons to a string between two poles and allow the children to squirt the balloons with spray bottles.

Have a parent cut a hole in a 4×8 piece of plywood large enough for a face to show. Paint a clown body around and under the hole. This makes a great wet sponge throwing booth. (Use regular paint, not tempera!)

Create a maze for the children to crawl through.

Roller Ball Tape a piece of cardboard to one end of a muffin tin to form a ramp. Fill each cup in the muffin tin with candies or small prizes. Each guest gets three tries to roll a Ping-Pong or other small ball up the ramp and into the muffin tin.

Bean Bag Toss Draw a large clown face on cardboard or poster board. Cut a hole for the clown’s mouth (large enough for a bean bag to be thrown through). Prop it up on a chair. Each player gets three tries to throw a bean bag into the clown’s mouth.

Go Fish! Create a fishing pole using a stick and a piece of string or yarn with a large plastic hook on the end. Guests cast the fishing pole into the booth, and a helper on the other side attaches a prize for them to reel in.

Use your puppet stand or coat rack for a ring toss. Tape feelings faces, animal faces, or silly made-up faces to each rung. Which ever one the child gets, they get to act out.